About VCT



It is our hope that each and every timeshare owner who truly wants to sell their property can find a well informed buyer that will enjoy the property for many years.


RESORTS sell by using high pressure and gimmicks, and as a result of that the resorts lose more sales than they make. They also end up selling to people that never use their properties.


VCT SALES will advertise to millions of people for you in the hopes of finding the people that the resort lost due to over pricing and offending their potential buyers with the use of tricks and high pressure sales tactics.


VCT SALES does not operate like any other timeshare company you have ever dealt with. We do not charge upfront fees and we do not get paid unless we can find a buyer for your property.




Our company does not operate like any other timeshare company you have ever dealt with. We do not charge any money upfront and we do not get paid at all unless we can find a buyer for your property.


And if that was not good enough to show you how confident we are, if you sign up with us and we are unable to get you at least one offer for the purchase of your property then we will send you a check for $500. We are the greatest timeshare sales company and we are ready to prove it to you.


Our company is the solution to selling your property. We have no upfront fees and we never get paid unless we find a buyer for your property.


If you decide to sign up with us,


1. We will Create an advertisement for the sale of your property, That advertisement will be placed on dozens of websites each month with the use of our auto posting software. Each of these sites has a minimum of 50,000 visitors per year. These website listings will be automatically posted randomly throughout a network of over 150,000 websites during the next 18 months.


2. We will send out between 250,000 and 1,000,000 emails per month advertising the sale your property.



And as always there is no charge for any of our advertising, we only get paid for the desired results. which would be a buyer for your timeshare.


Now of course this is all nice but let's face it anyone can tell you about all of the advertising they are going to do, but can they deliver? Can we actually get results? That is all you really care about isn't it? RESULTS.


You need to be able to see the results of this advertising and there is no better way to show you then to get you involved so sign up now and let us show you.


The way this process works is really very simple, It's not a new idea in fact it is an idea that has been working for decades the only difference is this has never been done in the timeshare industry.


Have you ever placed an ad in your local newspaper trying to sell something? Or have ever used a service like Craig list, Let go, or Offer up? I hope so because if you have then you will completely understand how this is going to work.


The first thing you need to do is call and speak with someone from our company, That way we can verify your property information and help you to price your membership for sale.


Within 3 days of you signing up with our company your advertising will be active. All of your emails for the month will have been sent out and all website ads will be live.


As people receive the emails we send out for you and see your advertisements that are posted on websites that is when you start seeing results. Some of these people will reply wanting more information, maybe asking a question, or maybe making an actual offer for the property.


Every time someone replies to one of the emails sent out for you or request more information on one of the websites that are advertising your property those replies and emails come directly to you. It is up to you to answer the questions that are being asked by the potential buyers and it is up to you to provide any information asked for by the potential buyers.


This is the same way it would work if you tried to sell this yourself with one of the companies listed above. We just do this on a much larger scale.


You are the best person for the job. It is your property you have all of the paperwork and the information on your property, and of course if you receive an offer you are the on that needs to make the decision of whether you want to accept or decline any offer presented to you.


Please understand that even though people will be replying directly to you they cannot see your email address. We make sure that it is scrambled, we also make sure that whenever someone replies to one of our advertisements we get a copy of it.

If someone replies to you and you have answered their questions and they make an offer on your property at that point you need to contact us in order to proceed with the sale of your property.


It is at this point that our company finally collects our fee. Our company gets paid when you accept an offer on your property.

Unlike other companies who charge money upfront without any guarantees of ever finding a buyer for you, we work the exact opposite we find the buyer for you first then we collect our Fee.


Now once you have accepted an offer, called our company and paid for our services at that point we will take over and guide the buyer and seller through the rest of the Sales/Purchase process. We will inform the buyer of the steps, the timeline and recommend title agencies. The title agency will take care of your contract with the buyer and they will also handle the buyers funds and your paperwork.


Our company will do everything we can to help you find a buyer for your property but with any advertising there is no way we can tell you when or if that's even going to happen. That is why we do not charge any money upfront, if we cannot find a buyer for your property then there is never any charge at all.


VCT SALES owns the rights to all inquiries, emails, and replies that come in as a direct result of our advertising. These are the product of work completed by VCT SALES.


ALL SALES must be authorized by VCT SALES.