Welcome to VCT SALES 


VCT SALES is the solution to selling your timeshare or Campground Membership.


VCT SALES provides timeshare and Campground owners with a completely risk free way of selling their properties.


VCT SALES is the only Timeshare Company that does not charge for advertising; VCT SALES only gets paid for the results of our advertising.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could hire a Timeshare Company and have them find a buyer for your property without paying them anything until they have successfully found a buyer for you? Well, you're in luck that's exactly how our company works.


The days of contacting a timeshare resale company and paying thousands of dollars upfront are over!

VCT SALES is about as close to a real estate agent as your going to get when it comes to timeshare sales. If you have a timeshare that you would like to sell and you don't want to risk paying upfront and getting nothing for your money then you need to call us today.


Almost all of our clients hired a timeshare resale company at some point before they found us and their stories are all the same. Once they paid the timeshare resale company upfront they received no offers for their property and not one person ever even inquired about it.


VCT SALES is changing how timeshare sales work, we not only have zero upfront cost but if we fail to find a buyer for your timeshare then you will never owe us anything either.


At VCT SALES you're stress free, no more sitting and wondering if you made a mistake when you signed up to sell your timeshare. Think about it, either we will find a buyer for your timeshare or you never have to pay our company. It's as simple as that.


So contact us now it's the best risk and worry free decision you're ever going to make about your timeshare.